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10 nights

South East Sicily

12 Guests

Experience the crossroads of Italian culture with Stefano Manfredi

Who is Stefano Manfredi?

Stefano Manfredi is known fondly in Australia as the ‘godfather’ of modern Italian cuisine. He has made his mark as a chef, restaurateur, inspired coffee blender, successful cookbook and food writer, Italian Wine and Food educator, and ambassador of seasonality and sustainability.

Born in the Lombardy region of northern Italy, he settled in Australia with his family in 1961. In 1983, he opened The Restaurant in an impossible to find back laneway in Ultimo – later to be renamed The Restaurant Manfredi. In 1996 he moved his operations to the Rocks with the creation of the much-applauded Bel Mondo (1996 – 2002). With the simple philosophy ‘the flavours of Italy from the fresh produce of Australia’ both restaurants transformed the way Italian cuisine and fine dining were perceived in Australia. Restaurant Manfredi remains the only Italian restaurant to have attained the coveted 3-hat rating from The Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide.

villa il borgo


Il Borgo is a 17th-century Masseria set among lush, flower-filled formal gardens on a huge country estate between Catania and Siracusa. It has views of both the sea and the mountains, and the house, with its quintessential Sicilian architecture and atmosphere, is simply gorgeous.
Evocative stone archways open onto a stone vaulted patio, the main rooms open onto the exquisite formal gardens, where archeological remains dating back to the bronze age have been discovered. Beyond the formal garden and pool, the grounds stretch for over 100 hectares. There is a rich variety of Mediterranean plants and trees, citrus and olive groves, pastures and woods.

The large leisure area includes a swimming pool, a spa with Turkish bath and shower, a summer kitchen, an outdoor dining area, shaded courtyards and ivy draped walls. There is even a small estate church and Byzantine ruins. Decorated with consummate taste and simplicity, Il Borgo is the perfect estate to base ourselves.

The views of Etna and the blue Mediterranean make it very hard to leave this stunning location. It is a true oasis in a perfect location for exploring the south east.

Modica St. Giorgio Sicily Visit


South East Sicily unveils a tapestry of historical marvels and breathtaking landscapes. Nestled atop a hill, Modica welcomes us with its UNESCO-listed Baroque architecture, a testament to its neolithic origins and the resilient spirit of its people after the 1693 earthquake.

Delight in Stefano’s favourite town, renowned for its rich history and mouthwatering chocolate, as we stroll through its charming streets and visit the Duomo di San Giorgio and the beloved Sabadi chocolatier.

While technically outside the region, Taormina captivates with its Greek amphitheatre and panoramic views of Mount Etna. It invites us to wander its quaint alleys and indulge in a leisurely lunch. It is one of Sicily’s prettiest towns.

Siracusa, a captivating blend of Greek, Roman and Baroque architecture. Ortigia, lose yourself in the maze of cobbled streets leading to the picturesque Piazza Duomo, where the Cathedral of Siracusa stands proudly, housing the ancient Temple of Athena. The birthplace of Archimedes, echoes with the genius of the Classical age, offering glimpses into its illustrious past.

Explore the Neapolis, where ancient wonders await. Immerse yourself in the grandeur of the Greek Theater, marvel at the awe-inspiring Ear of Dionysius, and wander through the ancient quarries, each echoing with whispers of a bygone era.

Sicily Experience and Visit


Food Markets and Enotecas. Scour the markets with Stefano for ingredients. Fresh seafood, vegetables and baked goods are abundant and slip in with the locals as they do their daily shop. Enjoy cooking classes in the villa. Taste a curated selection of Sicilian wines as we journey through Etna, Avola, Vittoria on the east coast to Palermo and Marsala on the west coast and south west to the island of Pantalleria. Stefano will explain their provenance and grape varieties.

From Michelin-starred restaurants to street food at the markets and everything in between. Eating will never be this much fun again. Learn about the artisan culture of Sicily, famous for ceramics and linen. Be guided through stunning private gardens and enjoy long lunches by the sea. Each day will bring something new for you to enjoy.

Tour Highlights

“Sicily stole my heart long ago. This island, steeped in history, is a crossroad of cultures that have left behind diverse and energetic traditions. Food and wine is the very essence of Sicilian identity. The palpable sense of being immersed in something ancient and vibrant, something uniquely Sicilian, keeps drawing me back.”

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