Accoutrement tours

Taking you to the world's best food one region at a time
Emma walking the streets of Montalcino Val D'Orcia

The Culinary Travel Experts

Small group luxury travel, phenomenal destinations, incredible chefs and fully inclusive. Accoutrement Tours takes care of everything, allowing you to maximise your surroundings, immerse yourselves and simply relax.

With an unbridled passion for food, culture, history and heritage we create unique experiences that entertain, educate and spoil you every step of the way.

With over 30 years of experience we only deliver the best.

The Accoutrement Tour Experience

On an Accoutrement Tour, you can expect an authentic and immersive adventure guided by our expert heritage-driven chefs. You’ll be transported into the heart of each region, exploring the rich tapestry of local food, wine, culture, and history. Your stay will be in extraordinary accommodations, such as villas, farmhouses, chateaus, or palazzos, setting the stage for intimate culinary gatherings where you’ll cook, learn, and savour local delicacies and wines

A Journey of Cultural Immersion

Our tours offer more than just culinary delights. You’ll have the opportunity to engage with local artisans and producers, uncover hidden gems, and delve into cultural treasures. We aim to open as many doors as possible, to enrich your experience, while engaging with the locals.

Personalised and Enriching Travel Experiences

Whether you choose to join one of our small group journeys, limited to a maximum of 12 guests, or opt for a bespoke private trip, our boutique approach ensures an enriching and memorable experience. With Accoutrement Tours, you can expect immersive, inspiring, and deeply rewarding travel experiences that celebrate the local cuisine, culture, and landscapes, revealing the true spirit of each destination.

Orecchiette making class Puglia with Sante