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The Culinary Travel Experts

At Accoutrement Tours, our agenda is simple: We will intimately share with you the most captivating food destinations with the best chefs.

With an unbridled passion for food, culture, history and heritage we create unique experiences that entertain, educate and spoil you every step of the way.

Small group luxury travel, phenomenal destinations, incredible chefs and fully inclusive. Accoutrement Tours takes care of everything, allowing our guests to maximise their surroundings, immerse themselves and simply relax.

With over 30 years of experience we only deliver the best.

Emma walking the streets of Montalcino Val D'Orcia

“Emma you are the perfect person for your job, I’m sure I would not handle some moments as well ever! I was in awe of your cheery nature and endeavours to please, I don’t know how your energy lasted. “

Lois, Sardinia

Meet Emma

Emma’s culinary journey began at the side of her mother, Sue Jenkins, owner of Accoutrement, Accoutrement Cooking School and Accoutrement Tours. Sue, a renowned kitchenware retailer and owner of Sydney’s original cooking school exposed Emma to a multitude of culinary luminaries who frequented their establishment.

The likes of Stephanie Alexander, Maggie Beer, Neil Perry, Matt Moran, Belinda Jefferies, Damien Pignolet, and many many others graced their kitchen, igniting Emma’s passion for food.

After a year in London, travelling through Europe and immersing herself in diverse culinary and cultural experiences, Emma’s love for travel became her next pursuit. Over the years, she continued to work alongside her mother, absorbing knowledge and honing her skills. When the opportunity arose, the tour component of the family business became Emma’s project.

With her dual passions for food and travel, Emma has explored the corners of Europe, Asia, and regional Australia, enriching her culinary repertoire and expanding her cultural understanding. Emma continues to grow Accoutrement Tours, blending her expertise with her mother’s legacy to inspire and educate a new generation of food enthusiasts.

Our Expertise

Accoutrement Tours prides itself on delivering exceptional service and the ability to secure exclusive opportunities rooted in local connections. We work diligently to create unique and personalised travel experiences for our guests. Our Chefs are carefully selected to ensure that they have the necessary expertise and talent to create exceptional culinary journeys.


Why Choose Us?

For more than three decades, we’ve travelled alongside seasoned chefs, cultivating a rich tapestry of culinary exploration. At the heart of our ethos lies an unwavering dedication to ensuring every individual embarking on our tours receives unparalleled attention and care. Our legacy is built on curating extraordinary and exclusive encounters, handpicking only the finest offerings.


Extraordinary Food Tours

Accoutrement Tours has a rich history, starting with our inaugural culinary tour at the Oriental Mandarin Cooking School in Bangkok over thirty years ago. Since then, we’ve expanded to offer experiential tours in Spain, Italy, France, Greece, India, Morocco, Indonesia and regional Australia. Our tours are designed for those with a curiosity for the culinary and the cultural. Crafted with intimate knowledge and firsthand experience of each destination.

Join an adventure with Accoutrement Tours, where the essence of authenticity meets the expertise of our carefully selected heritage-driven chefs. Immerse yourself in the region as we explore the realms of food, wine, culture, and history. Staying in extraordinary villas, farmhouses, chateaus or palazzos, we set the stage for an unforgettable experience including intimate culinary gatherings, where we cook, learn, and savour the rich array of local delicacies and wines.

Whether you join one of our small group journeys with a maximum of 12 guests or opt for a bespoke private trip, our boutique approach ensures an enriching, memorable experience designed to reveal the true spirit of each destination. With Accoutrement Tours, expect immersive, inspiring, and deeply rewarding travel experiences that celebrate local cuisine, culture, and landscapes.

With over 30 years of experience we only deliver the best.