North East Sardinia with Giovanni Pilu & Alessandro Pavoni

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“Our time together in Sardinia was most certainly one of the best holidays we have experienced and cannot fault your professionalism for creating such wonderful experiences”

Lois, Sardinia

7 nights

North East Sardinia

12 Guests

Experience Sardinia With Giovanni Pilu & Alessandro Pavoni

An exclusive adventure including captivating landscapes, rich traditions, and unparalleled cuisine. Join chefs Giovanni Pilu and Alessandro Pavoni on an extraordinary exploration of the northeastern corner of Sardinia. Immerse yourself in the genuine Sardinian experience while enjoying Villa Marzia, nestled on a private estate along the pristine coastline of Capo Coda Cavallo.

Who is Giovanni Pilu?

Giovanni Pilu is a Sardinian-born Australian chef, restaurateur, and author known for his dedication to showcasing the nuances and traditions of Sardinian cuisine to the Australian culinary scene. Born and raised in the picturesque island of Sardinia, Italy, Pilu’s passion for food was deeply rooted in his upbringing, surrounded by the rich culinary heritage of his homeland.

Who is Alessandro Pavoni?

Alessandro Pavoni, a luminary of Lombardian cuisine, has woven his culinary magic from the tranquil landscapes of Lombardy, Italy, to the vibrant dining scene of Australia. Hailing from Brescia, Lombardy, Pavoni’s culinary journey began with a deep-rooted passion for the rich traditions of his homeland. Not only are these two brilliant chefs but they are the best of mates and bring a dynamism to the kitchen. For more information read our Chefs Bios here. Add a link to the chef’s full bio.


On the northeastern coastline of Sardinia, Villa Marzia commands a secluded position within the private estate of Capo Coda Cavallo.

Located on a small bay, Villa Marzia has its own sandy beach with exceptional views of the stunning crystal-clear Sardinian waters. Built in 1976 by renowned architect Luigi Caccia Dominioni, the Villa is surrounded by a sprawling lawn. A gentle path leads you past the pool and down onto the private sandy beach. From here you can swim and paddle board.

Villa Marzia lends itself to long lunches in the garden and aperitivo under the stars. There is a large outdoor pool, plenty of shaded areas, gym equipment and outdoor terraces. You can be as social as you like or disappear to a quieter corner of the property.

The kitchen is spacious and allows you to work with Giovanni and Alessandro and make the most of their incredible knowledge and heritage.


The captivating landscapes of Nuoro Province in Sardinia, the Supramonte, with its unparalleled beauty, rich history, and profound cultural significance, are quintessential.

Tavolaro is a picturesque island set within a marine reserve visible from Villa Marzia. Orgosolo in the Barbagia area is a UNESCO World Heritage site renowned for its vibrant murals.

Discover the town’s anti-authoritarian history, as artists used muralism as a powerful tool of protest. Tenute Olbios, a distinguished producer of Vermentino. Wander the streets of San Pantaleo one of the oldest villages in the North east.


Sardinian lunch at an ancient traditional sheepfold, cooked and prepared by local shepherds. Beachside dining, Giovanni’s idea of fresh Sardinian seafood at its best. Watch the age-old tradition of crafting Su Filindeu, the world’s rarest pasta.

In house cooking classes with Alessandro and Giovanni. Michelin Star restaurants to local trattorias. Private boat tour of the Costa Esmeralda.

Enjoy a range of regional wines, including DOCG Vermentino by Tenute Olbios. Swimming the crystal blue waters and living like a local.

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