Luca Faccin

Chef Luca Faccin

Luca Faccin grew up in a kitchen filled withprosciutto, salami, and wheels of Parmigiano Reggiano, owing to his father’s food business, and under the guidance of a chef mother.

His upbringing, with the constant aroma of cooking and the food channel perpetually playing in the background, naturally steered him towards culinary pursuits. Initially training as a pastry chef, Luca eventually discovered a stronger inclination towards savoury cuisine. Launching into his epicurean journey, Luca began his apprenticeship at a local “trattoria” before landing a position at the only Michelin-starred restaurant in his hometown, “Il Volto” in Iseo, Franciacorta.

Seeking further growth and experience, he decided to explore beyond his homeland. Following his heart to Australia, Luca spent time studying and working in Sydney before venturing to Mildura for the harvest, an experience that deepened his appreciation for the hard work behind the produce. Engaging with diverse cultures during his travels, he expanded his culinary repertoire beyond Italian cuisine.

Upon returning to Sydney, Luca worked at esteemed restaurants such as “Balla” at “The Star casino,” “Spiedo” at Westfield Tower in the CBD, and “The Apollo” in Potts Point, where he honed his skills for nearly six years.

Concurrently, he collaborated with another chef to create “Yogacucina,” offering unique culinary experiences combining local produce, yoga, and Italian cuisine.

Following his tenure at “The Apollo,” Luca dedicated a year to leading cooking classes at “OZ-Harvest,” promoting a “ZERO WASTE” mentality and contributing to feeding disadvantaged communities across Australia Taking a break during the 2019 European summer, Luca explored Italy, rekindling his connection with its art, history, and diverse cuisine.

Upon returning to Sydney, he joined the renowned “Mimi’s” at the Coogee Pavilion while simultaneously establishing his own venture as a private chef, offering consultations and organising pop-up collaborations with local restaurants.